Come to CrisisX: The Readiness Workshop

Hear from a selection of the crisis leaders due to speak at CrisisX: The Readiness Conference in 2021, plus test your crisis skills under real pressure with our life-like purpose-built simulation.

Auckland - Monday 15 March 2021 - SOLD OUT
Auckland - Friday 19 March 2021 - SOLD OUT
Wellington - Monday 12 April 2021 - SOLD OUT
Auckland - Thursday 15 April 2021 - SOLD OUT

After a successful first series in 2021, our next workshop is due in September 2021. Use the below link to email us if you would like to be kept up-to-date with upcoming workshop dates.

Our workshops replace the conference this year, which had to be postponed when the Government moved Auckland to Alert Level 3 on 14 February 2021. The workshops have been developed to retain the impact and effect of the conference, while providing flexibility in dates for our delegates.

Join Us for

From natural disaster to data breach, inappropriate behaviour to COVID-19, a crisis can ravage your business internally and destroy your credibility in the eyes of your customers.

  • COVID-19 Escalation ·
  • Privacy Breach ·
  • Cyber-Attack ·
  • Reputational Crisis ·
  • Natural Disaster ·
  • Accident ·
  • Management Failure
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The tools to mechanise your crisis response

We will share the tools you need to deal with a crisis effectively, then put them to practise. That’s because when it comes to crisis, the only way to really train for one is to go through one.

World-class speakers at NZ’s only simulation event

The conference mixes world-class speakers, all with extensive leadership, risk communication and crisis management experience, and our world-leading simulation where we put your team through their paces to test their crisis readiness.


Who is CrisisX for?

CrisisX: The Readiness Conference has been built for those on a crisis management team who would come together when a crisis occurs. It would be beneficial for:

  • CEO’s and direct reports
  • Corporate Communications Managers
  • PR practitioners
  • CIO’s and IT security managers
  • Chief Risk Officers / Head of Risk / Risk Analysts
  • Compliance Officers
  • Legal Counsel
  • Board members


2021 Speaker information

Alongside our unique crisis simulation, we have assembled some of the world’s best speakers on crisis management and communication. You can read more about our speakers here.

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  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Registration Opens
    Tea & Coffee Available
    11:00 am
    Welcoming Lunch
    Conference Begins
    12:50 pm
    Conference Opening – The Window of Opportunity
    1:20 pm

    Event director Dallas Gurney opens CrisisX by canvassing the biggest single mistake organisations make in times of crisis – not recognising they’re in the middle of one until it’s too late and the “Window of Opportunity” to affect the outcome has closed

    NZI Keynote Speaker - Rt Hon Sir John Key
    1:50 pm

    The former Prime Minister talks about his experience leading the country through the Christchurch Earthquakes, Global Financial Crisis and other significant crisis events

    Afternoon Tea
    2:50 pm
    Keynote Speaker Deborah Thomas
    3:10 pm

    The former CEO of Ardent Leisure, shares her learnings from crisis in conversation with facilitator Nadine Higgins

    Simulation Preview & How It Works
    4:10 pm

    A preview of what’s to come tomorrow with our interactive crisis simulation, some tips on navigating the scenario and how the on-table technology and our simulation system works

    NZME Expert Panel – Navigating the Storm
    4:20 pm

    Our panelists Greg Foran, Shayne Currie, Linda Clark and Chris Quin discuss their experience in the middle of a crisis storm and how best to make calm, rational decisions in the heat of the moment – facilitated by Nadine Higgins

    HP Networking Drinks
    5:10 pm
    Fireside Chat David Coombes
    5:30 pm

    In this revealing chat, Flight Centre managing director David Coombes talks through the extraordinary year that was 2020 as the travel industry had to pivot in order to survive the impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions. How did he handle it personally? What were the big calls? Where to next? A fascinating study inside one of New Zealand's biggest travel companies.

    Day #1 Concludes
    6:30 pm
    Tea & Coffee Available
    8:30 am
    Simulation Setup & Simulation Phase 1
    8:45 am

    The first phase of our simulation is revealed with teams having to identify, then navigate through, an unprecedented crisis event

    Learning Session 1
    9:40 am

    We talk through the decisions made by teams during phase one, uncovering key learnings while exploring real-life crisis examples from companies who have been through it before

    Simulation Session 2
    10:05 am

    The second phase of our simulation sees escalations in the crisis with many distractions attempting to blow teams off course

    Morning Tea
    10:45 am
    Learning Session 2
    11:00 am

    We look at how teams approached the second phase of the simulation and talk about the various takeaways out of that second session

    Palo Alto Networks Keynote Speaker – Peter Bradley
    11:25 am

    The CEO of St John talks about how emergency services prepare and organise themselves for, often life-or-death, crises. Peter discusses his experiences in New Zealand with various recent emergency situations, as well as in London where he was CEO of London Ambulance Service during the 7/7 terrorist attacks. What has he seen? Where do organisations get it wrong?

    12:20 pm
    Simulation Session 3
    1:00 pm

    In the final phase on the first day of the simulation, teams need to contend with a catastrophic and surprising change in direction, broadening the impact of the incident

    Learning Session 3
    1:35 pm

    We learn together from the different experiences’ teams have had navigating the major escalation in Phase 3 of the simulation

    HP Elective Panel
    “Surviving a Cyber Security Disaster”
    2:00 pm

    Our expert panel talks about how to be ready for the inevitable, a cyber security attack resulting in a privacy breach or irretrievable data loss

    NZI Elective Panel
    “What Should Keep You Awake at Night”
    2:00 pm

    Our expert panel discusses the most likely causes of crisis and how to mitigate the risk of these events happening to your organisation

    Afternoon Tea
    3:00 pm
    Simulation Session 4
    3:20 pm

    Things take another unexpected twist, meanwhile the public and key stakeholders start to take issue with your handling of the situation

    Learning Session 4
    4:00 pm

    In our final learning session, we bring together the 10 CrisisX principles and establish techniques which will help you continue your learning back at the office

    Simulation Leaderboard & Final Remarks
    4:20 pm
    Day #2 Concludes
    4:30 pm

    NZI Premier Keynote

    • Former Prime Minister of New Zealand
      Rt Hon Sir John Key

    International Keynote

    • Former Ardent Leisure CEO
      Deborah Thomas

    Fireside Conversation

    • Flight Centre Managing Director
      David Coombes

    Domestic Keynotes

    • St John CEO
      Peter Bradley

    NZME Navigating The Storm Pro Panel

    • Foodstuffs North Island CEO
      Chris Quin
    • Air New Zealand CEO
      Greg Foran
    • NZME Managing Editor
      Shayne Currie
    • Kensington Swan Partner
      Linda Clark


    • Broadcaster
      Nadine Higgins
    • Broadcaster
      Trudi Nelson
    • CrisisX Event Director
      Dallas Gurney

    "Surviving A Cyber Security Disaster" Elective Panel

    • AUT CIO
      Liz Gosling
    • HP South Pacific Business Process Consultant
      Mohammed Khan
    • ANZ Bank Head of Security & Technology Risk
      Tony Arnold
    • Vodafone Head of Cyber Security
      Colin James

    "What Should Keep You Up At Night" Elective Panel

    • Palo Alto Networks VP & Regional Chief Security Officer
      Sean Duca
    • NZ Rugby Communications Director
      Charlotte McLauchlan
    • Victoria University of Wellington Assoc. Professor of Marketing
      Daniel Laufer PhD
    • NZI Executive General Manager
      Garry Taylor
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    Hilton Auckland


    Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th February 2021

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