Data Breach – Cyber Attack – Emergency – Product Recall –
Workplace Culture – Accident

Your organisation will face a crisis.
Are you prepared?

Research shows 46% of companies don’t have a crisis management plan and fewer than half of those who have a plan are confident it will be effective¹. Think you’re ready? Research also shows a “dramatic gap” between confidence in the ability to respond to crisis and your actual preparedness².

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From natural disaster to data breach, inappropriate behaviour to product tampering, a crisis can ravage your business internally and destroy your credibility in the eyes of your customers.

The tools to mechanise your crisis communication

We will share the tools you need to deal with a crisis effectively, then put them to practise. That’s because when it comes to crisis, talking heads are one thing. But the only way to really train for a crisis is to go through one.

World-class speakers at NZ’s first simulation event

The conference mixes world-class speakers, all with extensive crisis communication and management experience, and our world-leading simulation where we put your team through their paces to test their crisis readiness.


Who is CrisisX for?

CrisisX: The Readiness Conference has been built for those on a crisis management who would come together when a crisis occurs. It would be beneficial for:

  • CEO’s and direct reports
  • Corporate Communications Managers
  • PR practitioners
  • CIO’s and IT security managers
  • Chief Risk Officers / Head of Risk / Risk Analysts
  • Compliance Officers
  • Legal Counsel
  • Board members


Speaker information

Alongside our unique crisis simulation, we have assembled some of the world’s best speakers on crisis management and communication. You can read more about our speakers here.

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  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Tea & Coffee 8:30 am
    Leadership in a modern-day crisis 9:00 am

    Conference opening by CrisisX event director Dallas Gurney

    How the simulation works 9:30 am
    Simulation Session 1 9:50 am

    What Crisis?
    Delegates have to identify an emerging crisis, bring together the appropriate team, eliminate distractions and plan for a rapid response.

    Morning Tea 10:30 am
    Learning Session 1 10:50 am

    Defining a Crisis & Your Response
    Groups come together to talk about the decisions they made in the first simulation session and learn from the outcomes of those decisions.

    Simulation Session 2 11:20 am

    Out of Control
    In this session, teams face a situation spiralling out of control. A further crisis starts to creep up behind them and the wheels start to fall off within the crisis committee.

    Lunch 12:20 pm
    AIG International Keynote Melissa Agnes 1:00 pm

    Melissa presents her “Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World” keynote presentation.

    Learning Session 2 2:00 pm

    Keeping Focus & Making Good Decisions
    Groups come together to talk about the decisions they made in the second simulation session and learn from the outcomes of those decisions.

    Simulation Session 3 2:30 pm

    Under Fire
    Teams are faced with a growing social media backlash and prolonged negative media coverage.

    Afternoon Tea 3:30 pm
    Learning Session 3 3:50 pm

    Navigating the Media & When to Listen
    Groups come together to talk about the decisions they made in the third simulation session and learn from the outcomes of those decisions.

    Expert Panel 4:20 pm

    Navigating the Storm
    NZME presents our “Navigating the Storm” panel featuring Martin Snedden, Simon Kenny, Mike Hosking and Chris Quin.

    Day #1 Concludes 5:20 pm
    HP Keynote Breakfast Rob Fyfe 7:30 am

    Technology partner, HP, presents former Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe talking to our moderator about how airlines mechanise their crisis response.

    Domestic Keynote Sir Bob Parker 9:00 am

    Former Christchurch mayor Sir Bob Parker discusses his experience communicating under pressure.

    Simulation Reset 10:00 am
    Simulation Session 4 10:20 am

    Your staff start to question the decisions you are making and begin to vocalise their unhappiness. Further dissent comes from an unexpected place.

    Morning Tea 11:00 am
    AIG Data Security Panel 11:20 am

    Data Security
    AIG presents Rob Pope, Director of CERT NZ; Mohammed Khan, HP security consultant; and Bhairav Shah, AIG’s Head of Liabilities and Financial Lines with for an in-depth look at how to mitigate a data security crisis.

    Learning Session 4 12:00 pm

    Growing Stronger Through Crisis
    Groups come together to talk about the decisions they made in the fourth simulation session and learn from the outcomes of those decisions.

    Simulation Leaderboard & Final Remarks 12:20 pm
    Day #2 Concludes 12:30 pm

    AIG International Keynote

    • Leading authority on Crisis Preparedness
      Melissa Agnes

    Domestic Keynotes

    • Former CEO of Air New Zealand
      Rob Fyfe
    • Former Mayor of Christchurch
      Sir Bob Parker

    Navigating The Storm Panel Speakers

    • CEO Foodstuffs North Island
      Chris Quin
    • Head of Communications at McDonald’s
      Simon Kenny
    • Broadcaster
      Mike Hosking
    • Former CEO of New Zealand Cricket (NZC)
      Martin Snedden


    • Broadcaster
      Nadine Higgins

    AIG Data Security Panel

    • Business Process Consultant for HP South Pacific
      Mohammed Khan
    • Director of CERT NZ
      Rob Pope
    • AIG New Zealand's Head of Financial Lines and Casualty
      Bhairav Shah
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    Event Details

    Where & When


    SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland


    Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th March 2019

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