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What is CrisisX: The Readiness Conference?

CrisisX: The Readiness Conference incorporates the best in crisis management speakers from New Zealand and across the globe with our unique crisis simulation.  You will learn the tools needed to deal with an organisational crisis, then get the opportunity to test out that learning within our highly-realistic simulation.

Who is CrisisX for?

Anyone whose responsibility is to react when a crisis occurs within their organisation will benefit from attending the conference.  That could be CIO’s, IT Security Managers, Corporate Communications and PR practitioners, CMO’s, board members and executives, legal counsel and risk advisors or analysts.

Many organisations have purchased entire tables at CrisisX to enable their entire crisis team, or divisional teams (like legal or communications) to attend together and collectively take those learnings back to the office.

What are the key learnings delegates will take away?

There are three key out-takes delegates will walk out the door with:

  • Inspiration and first-hand experience from people who have experienced major crisis and come through the other side;
  • The tools required to mechanise your organisation’s crisis response;
  • An opportunity to practise your crisis readiness in a totally unique way.

My organisation has never thought about crisis planning, should we be worried?

Yes. But you’re not alone. Many businesses don’t plan for a crisis and then invariably are caught out when one happens. Here are some common excuses for a lack of crisis planning:

  • We don’t have a crisis often enough (but when you do, it can devastate your business and set you back for years);
  • The issues we face are too complex for pre-planning (you can’t plan for every eventuality, but crisis preparation is actually about mechanising and planning your response regardless of the crisis you face);
  • People hate us anyway (they can always hate you more);
  • Last time the problem went away by itself (until next time);
  • There are too many things that could go wrong – it’s too hard to plan for them so we just have to wing it (again, crisis planning is all about having the right structure in place to enable swift and decisive action, regardless of the event itself).

What sort of crisis can business face?

Organisational crisis is no longer just about accidents, emergencies, product recalls and employee misconduct.  Technology, social media and the 24-hour news cycle has added further complexities to the traditional crisis scenarios.

These days, the most common crisis businesses face includes data breaches and privacy issues, poor customer experience often revealed on social media and questions over organisational culture generally.  It is also, rightly, not uncommon for business to be held to account today for staff and management behaviour exhibited decades earlier.

Why do you recommend buying a table of six?

We recommend buying a table of six, so teams can participate in the simulation together and use the event as a true crisis practise.

My business can only afford one or two tickets, is it still worth going?

Yes. Again, we know anyone attending CrisisX will benefit greatly from both speakers and simulation aspects of the conference.

I'm was attending the postponed conference, with it being rescheduled until February 2021, what do I need to do?

Delegates who had registered for the conference should have already had an email with details about the new date.  You don’t need to do anything else, we will be in touch closer to the time to confirm your attendance and provide all the details you need to know.  If you have any questions, email [email protected] and our team will help you out.

My circumstances have changed and I can't attend the rescheduled date, what do I do?

No problems.  Email the CrisisX team at [email protected] and we can discuss your options directly.

Where / when / how?!

CrisisX: The Readiness Conference is on at Hilton Auckland on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th February 2021.

Who has organised CrisisX: The Readiness Conference?

This event has been planned by DRUM, an agency of PHD Group.  DRUM executes the event with crisis management agency Serious, who works directly with major organisations on their crisis planning and response.

My organisation already has good crisis planning, how will this event help us?

Research has identified a real gap between how ready an organisation believes they are for a crisis, and how ready they actually are. This conference gives you a true external practise run and incorporates realistic media reports, actors and props.

Without giving too much of the surprise away, our crisis simulation is being designed to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Regardless of your organisation’s level of crisis preparation, our simulation is likely to be the best dry-run you’ll ever be involved in as we believe experience is the best way to learn.

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